YouTube Pink APK

YouTube Pink APK v16.18.39 (Free to Use, Download Videos) 2022

YouTube has just launched a brand-new app called YouTube Pink APK. This download provides a variety of pink-themed films to watch, including cosmetic techniques and more, as the name implies. This free download’s video quality makes it ideal for viewing clearly on a phone or tablet screen.

There are also many features offered such as account sign up through Gmail; no ads while user ratings allow you browse different perspectives into what others think about certain posts–all making it worthwhile to download if only to determine whether or not our preferences are too important when choosing who is mentioned here.

YouTube Pink APK
YouTube Pink APK

We all use YouTube, and everyone is aware of it. Thus, there are still some limitations on YouTube.
To overcome the challenges that YouTube may encounter, it is recommended that you install the YouTube Pink APK All Unlocked on your device. With this app, you get a lot of features you can’t do in other YouTube versions, such as playing videos even in the background.

An essential and significant component of this program is choosing the brightness of the eyes without regard to the rules of the land. Pay attention and use the information in the article to learn more about different programs.

Download YouTube Pink Latest Premium APK 2021 now to enjoy YouTube. Enjoy YouTube’s street history, dark backgrounds, absence of adverts, and other features.

Additional Information:

Name YouTube Pink APK
Size 50.3 MB
Version Latest
Ratings 4.1 out of 5
Android version 4 and up
Updated on 28 May 2022
Category YouTube
Get it on Play Store

YouTube Pink APK

How to Download YouTube Pink APK?

If you are new and you can find instruction for downloading YouTube Pink Premium APK New Latest Version and other apps on below:

  • Downloading YouTube Pink APK is simple.
  • To begin your download, simply click the Download link.
  • Although the fact that several sources assert to offer the same APK file.
  • True Android readers, however, will choose our website.
  • because we don’t offer a download link for the APK file.
  • Verify that the software is virus-free.
  • To secure and utilize the app after downloading, go to the instructions below.

How to Install YouTube Pink APK?

If you are new and you can find instruction for installing YouTube Pink Premium APK New Latest Version Download and other apps on below:

  • By using the download option located at the conclusion of this post, you can get it. Afterward, hold out for a short while before downloading the YouTube Pink APK file.
  • You need to utilize a different device in order to install any software.
  • When using “unknown” Android phones: To download files from the Google Store, go to your phone’s menu > Settings > Access unfamiliar locations.
  • You can download the file by going to the “download” folder after you’ve finished the aforementioned procedures.
  • It is possible to add software after installation.

Congratulations, You have successfully installed the YouTube Pink APK on your Android smartphone. To complete the following and enjoy, simply download the App from the link provided in the APK post.

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Features of YouTube Pink APK:

Classy theme of YouTube Pink APK:

The theme of this application is interesting. The whole theme is almost pink. No matter where the information is located, a summary of all the program’s components will be pink and can be found in the search section, tips, and later.


Because of the themes and colors it uses, this program is known as Pink YouTube. Because of how girly the hue appears, women are revered. This color is not frightening because it is so cold and white.

So keep in mind that using the pink device while watching videos is not recommended.

Dark Mode:

For convenience, the majority of social network users dim their screens. similar to this app The app’s pink dark theme can be changed at any moment.

All you have to do is allow the app to periodically darken the app settings.

Background Mode:

While watching the video, you can switch to another program. Every time you open a different YouTube program, your video plays slowly, just as in other programs.

The video will therefore play in the background if you use the YouTube Pink Mod APK Premium Download and do not have this issue.

Even chatting with pals is possible on social media. Your video will not stop. No matter what message you are using, the video player cannot stop or pause.

Screen Brightness of  YouTube Pink APK:

If it disturbs you and irritates your eyes, you will no longer be able to adjust the brightness of the corner from the viewing area.

By clicking the video screen while it is playing, you can even change the brightness. You have the option of adjusting the brightness.

Videos On-Repeat in YouTube Pink APK:

You can repeat videos. No of the sort of play, the video playback is repeated front and rear if you enjoy it.

No Restriction:

You are subject to regional and governmental restrictions, as with the majority of YouTube videos. Thus, you will not face the world or age restrictions if you use the pink form of YouTube.

No Ads:

YouTube video adverts are not displayed in this message. then watch most of the free video advertisements. Any length of video can be watched without being interrupted by ads.

Double Tap:

By double-clicking the screen, you can put YouTube to sleep instead of blocking videos using the app. No of the sort of play, the video playback is repeated front and rear if you enjoy it.

Key Features of YouTube Pink APP:

The preferred YouTube app is already installed on Android phones with fewer functions and more than this YouTube pin.

That does not provide any information in the media. You can’t control the volume and flash directly from the app like any other media playing app.

In addition to preventing the removal of ADS, it does not play View if you reduce that and possible, preonic yak is designed to increase as much as possible to the system.

The following are the pink features of the YouTube app:

  • Bright pink (if you like it)
  • The application can be downloaded video is playing
  • You can play videos to play them over and over (available (available in statue YouTube gadget)
  • Congenital Rima principle
  • Turn off YouTube videos in PIP mode (you can now watch videos chatting with someone or using other applications, etc.)
  • The slider configuration controls the brightness of the video image
  • The YouTube Pink Mod APK Unlimited Credits can be set as a double sleep button
  • You can change the viewing world of banned videos
  • All ads have been removed from YouTube videos


He just promotes the videos you like. The videos you have learned so far will make a list of your ideas.

For example, if you enjoy watching science movies, videos with tips and themes from science, science, and mythology will be featured in your motivation list.

What’s New?

  • The application is now banned
  • The UI is better than ever.
  • The topic is subject to change
  • The ad has been removed
  • Updated to latest version.
  • You can do a lot of work by watching each video.
  • Small insects made.


What is Pink YouTube?
A multitude of features, including adblocking, background playback, and others, are included in YouTube, a modified version of the popular video-sharing website. Features: Disable all advertising. Playback in the background Force HDR or VP9, or the opposite.

Exists a premium YouTube Pink APK?
If you want music videos to play in the background and don’t want commercials to distract you while watching your favorite videos, download the YouTube Pink Premium APK via Play Store.

On my phone, how do I install Google Pink?
alter the color of your browser
Launch the Chrome browser.
Go to the right and select Customize.
Select a color by going to Color and theme.
Select “Done”

Can I alter the color of the Pink backdrop on YouTube?
You may experience YouTube with a dark background and reduce screen glare by using a dark theme. Your profile photo can be clicked. Toggle to Appearance. To utilize the dark theme setting, select “Dark theme.”

How secure is YouTube Pink APK?
Because it was created by the XDA Developers team [1], a highly well-known community, and has no privacy issues, YouTube Pink is unquestionably safe for your Android device.

How do I get free access to YouTube Pink Premium?
Choose Get YouTube Pink Premium by clicking on your profile image. Select Try it free.
In a web browser, do the following steps to sign up for a free trial of YouTube Pink Premium Individual:
Go to the YouTube Premium page.
Enter the Google Account you want to use to register.
To finish the sign-up process, select Try it free and follow the instructions.

Can I buy subscribers on YouTube?
Fortunately, every YouTube channel owner can benefit from buying views and subscribers. If you have a platform with a significant following, you can buy engagement to increase it. On the other hand, rookie channel owners might use it to start their social media adventure.


I wish the YouTube Pink APK included video playback at the app’s conclusion. This feature has not been available in some versions of YouTube and has been sought after for many years.

With these features, you can enjoy many other app features, such as adjusting the brightness between your eyes and the ones you use at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will be able to share it with friends on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other popular sites where they can download YouTube Pink Mod APK Unlimited Coins.

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