TM WhatsApp APK

TM WhatsApp APK is a new version of official WhatsApp and locks many hidden files and tools for WhatsApp have failed.

Everyone in the world wants to be with others. For this reason, they always look for phones that can offer the best quality.

TM WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2022 has a lot of hidden things that anyone wants. One of the best and most expensive applications that can be used in databases.

Depending on the official WhatsApp messaging, the selection of 30 photos at a time is restricted and you can send messages with just a handful of phones. But Tm WhatsApp broke all the limits and got the best deal.

There are so many features of this Modded version that we can’t list them in the comment. For that, you need to read all the information before entering the application.

Additional Information:

Name TM WhatsApp APK
Size 45.84 MB
Cost free
Package name com.tmwhtsapp
Updated on January 2021
Rating 4.7
Category WhatsApp
Version  v7.70

Tm WhatsApp APK

How to Download and Install TM WhatsApp APK?

Titus Mukisa created TM WhatsApp. TM WhatsApp Premium Mod APK New Version Download for Android Devices TM Provides high security. Not available in the Google Play Store due to an announcement of the new WhatsApp app. To download and install the TM WhatsApp app, follow the steps outlined below. There are two case:

Case 1:

In this case, if the user is new and wants to travel to WhatsApp and TM WhatsApp Mod APK Premium Download, these steps will be selected.

  • Go to the official WhatsApp office.
  • To save, bring a copy of the Drive section.
  • Allow the anonymous app to install the TM WhatsApp application on your Android phone from any other secure website.
  • Grant security permission by opening the application.
  • Allow approval of applicable laws and regulations.
  • Enter the phone number and select the “Copy WhatsApp Button” option.
  • Make a backup of the talk area after you get your phone number.

Case 2:

If the user is a former user but wants to update their TM WhatsApp Mod APK Unlimited Credits, the following steps should be kept in your mind.

  • Go to the TM mods section of TM WhatsApp Premium Mod APK.
  • There are opportunities all over the world, you can choose.
  • Select Rescue and Restore from the Gravity list.
  • To make a backup, prepare a backup.
  • Now go to the download page and get the new version.
  • Install on new application.

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This tool has good looks and features. Some of the images were approved by the WhatsApp government and some images were added as improvements.

This tool is designed to give its users complete easy control. Some of his plans are listed below:

Multiple Contacts:

Send more and more messages. This tool allows you to send text messages with more than one touch without putting any features into the message.

Customized Themes:

TM WhatsApp APK includes several internal libraries. Any topic from the library can be used as a reference or to change the overall use of the program. Everyone can categorize the topic as they wish to give a different perspective and feeling.

Privacy Control:

The most disturbing part of this tool is its privacy. Divide your message into just a selection of people. If you don’t want to get support from the user,  you can mute his status too and if you may want to check the status.

Automatic Reply:

He can respond to messages received. You don’t have to open the conversation and answer it yourself.

Hide Conversation:

Hide your conversations in the display area and screen of the app. If you don’t want an advertisement.

Send Audios:

Like the Modded version of WhatsApp it can be limited because long music sharing is limited to a few MBs. But with Tm WhatsApp, you can send up to 100 MB of voice.

Send Images:

No more than 30 photos at a time. Share up to a hundred photos at a time across multiple networks.

Send Documents:

The official WhatsApp  allows users to send limited messages at the same time. So, with the TM WhatsApp Mod APK Unlimited, you can share your books with your friends by selecting more than 100 books at a time. One of the great features of TM WhatsApp APK is its ease of use.

Long status:

Shortly after the initial launch of WhatsApp service was one of the issues of concern. Individuals are allowed to learn for 30 seconds at a time. Therefore, TM WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2022 users are not limited to launching a 30-second update; Instead, they will be able to adjust settings for up to seven minutes.

Long Message:

Since there is a limit of long letters in the official and one modded version of WhatsApp with this WhatsApp, you will be able to write more than 250 characters in a single status and message.

Copy Status:

Order transcripts of one of your friends’ events with the possibility of downloading the video from live streaming without affecting a third party application.


The UI of this app is very user friendly with the original WhatsApp interface, so no user interface is required. The new version is almost original, except for a number of other features and configurations.

Requirement of Android:

This device will not focus on high -end phones but will require an Android device with 4.1 operating system and above. As well as the verification that you provided the installation of the application from the unknown source.

100% Secure:

Unlike other WhatsApp Mods remember is a big threat. With TM WhatsApp Mod APK Unlimited Credits, it monitors and deletes all passwords so that users don’t have to worry while using the app.

100% Free:

Some mods are requested for free but they get an extension that sends you to a location that requires you to submit to the developer. With TM WhatsApp there is no such thing, it is free.

High Sending Capacity:

Sorry, TM WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2022 allows you to send long, short messages in just seven minutes. So, you can send up to 100 files at a time even though WhatsApp doesn’t allow that much. Also, the ability to resend voice via TM WhatsApp Mod APK Unlimited is very limited because you can split 100MB of voice at a time. On top of that, you can send up to a hundred photos at a time.


Changing it and it is not available in this google play store is illegal. Because this application is not for official WhatsApp included.

So anything about secrecy can hurt you in the future. But from a user’s point of view, this app has good users and as they say, they don’t deal with any technical issues.

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