Rooter APK

Rooter APK v6.3.0.3 (Squad Play, For PUBG, FREE FIRE & BGMI)

The Rooter APK is Live India’s leading and fastest-growing gaming and esports streaming app and offers a fully customizable viewing experience, allowing you to select your input and audio sources, while enabling you to personalize the viewing experience. At The Rooter APK Live Streaming, you can watch your favorite teams compete, players train, and get personalized content from your favorite streamers.

The Rooter APK All Unlocked app is a fast growing tool for the gamers of India, who want to stream their favorite games. The tool is easy to use and it has already attracted a large number of users. This is a tool supported by a team of experts and this team of experts has set up a blog to talk about the various aspects of gaming, esports, and streaming.

Online gaming in India is big. The US has Twitch and the UK has but when it comes to India the options are limited. All the streaming sites are loaded with advertisements. The Rooter APK is India’s first streaming tool for gamers.

Rooter APK

What is Rooter APK?

There is a regular version of the Rooter APK app that is accessible across the internet. Because there are no fees associated with this version of the rooter app, you can download it for nothing.

The best part about this simple edition is that all of the features are free to use. The features are quite distinctive. Because the rooter software gives you everything for free, you can use the complete application without paying a penny. This edition also allows you to earn real money, which is unquestionably a fantastic feature.

The focus of Rooter is game streaming. Try Rooter APK Free Purchase if you’re an expert player and you play games every day. You may make money using this application as well. Get the app by visiting

Numerous networks, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, host thousands of game streams. However, this can be a terrific software for you if you want to see all the game streams in one location and play games for free.

Additionally, if you broadcast, you can quickly increase your following. since there is no other gaming community. There is only one gamer here that enjoys watching matches between various professional athletes from around the world.

You should download and start utilizing this application if you have a YouTube channel and want to build it quickly. stream to this app now. Your YouTube subscribers and followers will quickly increase as well.

Additional Information:

Name Rooter APK
106 MB
11 February 2022
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Rating 4+
Category Tools
Get it on Play Store

Rooter Mod APK

How to Download Rooter APK?

If you are new and you can find instruction for downloading Rooter Premium APK New Latest Version and other apps on below:

  • Downloading Rooter APK is simple.
  • To begin your download, simply click the Download link.
  • Although the fact that several sources assert to offer the same APK file.
  • True Android readers, however, will choose our website.
  • because we don’t offer a download link for the APK file.
  • Verify that the software is virus-free.
  • To secure and utilize the app after downloading, go to the instructions below.

How to Install Rooter APK?

If you are new and you can find instruction for installing Rooter Premium APK New Latest Version Download and other apps on below:

  • By using the download option located at the conclusion of this post, you can get it. Afterward, hold out for a short while before downloading the Rooter APK file.
  • You need to utilize a different device in order to install any software.
  • When using “unknown” Android phones: To download files from the Google Store, go to your phone’s menu > Settings > Access unfamiliar locations.
  • You can download the file by going to the “download” folder after you’ve finished the aforementioned procedures.
  • It is possible to add software after installation.

Congratulations, You have successfully installed the Rooter APK on your Android smartphone. To complete the following and enjoy, simply download the App from the link provided in the APK post.

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Features of Rooter Mod APK:

Watch Live Streams:

Rooter Latest Premium APK is for you if you enjoy playing video games and want to see professional gamers from all around the world. Numerous professional gamers have downloaded this app, and they stream games like PUBG, Free Fire, COC, and GTA every day. Therefore, you can play these games for free.


We all know that the majority of YouTubers enjoy sending weekly or monthly presents to their fans. Similar to that, in this program, well-known gamers run contests for fans. In this way, both broadcasters and followers benefit from receiving rewards.

Live on Different Platforms:

If you want to share your live stream on Rooter APK Premium Download to other websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, you may do so for free. There won’t be any further fees associated with this deduction. Everything on this site is free.

Multiple Languages:

This application offers a variety of languages for you to choose from. You might choose a language that you are familiar with, like:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Spanish

Unlimited Coins and Money:

Try our most recent mod version if you desire infinite coins and money. because this application has been fully unlocked. As a result, you will receive unlimited coins and money for the rest of your life. Moreover, these coins and dollars can be used to unlock other items.


The Rooter Latest Pro Version APK has a fantastic screen overlay option that makes it easier for you to stay connected to the live streaming program. You can access the overlay’s tools by just clicking on it.


You have the option to make thumbnails for your movie using the Rooter APK. Thumbnail will give visitors a glimpse of the stream so they may understand what it’s all about.

Full HD Resolution:

You may stream games in 1080p using The Rooter APK, a live streaming application. You may live stream your gameplay footage using Rooter just like the live streams you see on social media sites, YouTube, or Twitch.

The user can count on a fluid streaming experience when utilizing Rooter Live to broadcast your live gaming abilities.

Win Money and Different Rewards:

In addition to rewards, whenever you use Rooter, whether it be to watch a live stream, an esports feed, or to live stream your own game, you will earn coins. When you exchange these coins, you will also get money and skins of your favorite video game or icon characters.

Popular Games to Watch:

You may watch a ton of games on the Rooter live streaming app, which makes it simple to get your mind off of boredom. Many games, like PUBG, Call of Duty, Forint, Free Fire, Among Us, GTA V, FIFA, Clash of Clans, and many other fantastic games, can be streamed.

There are no restrictions on your ability to broadcast any of these games at any time. Select your preferred streamer and the game you want to watch live. For this program to stream live video without latency, all you need is a fast internet connection.

Become a Streamer:

You have the opportunity to start streaming with the Rooter APK Unlimited Coins. Build a personal account on this app, after which you can create a channel where you can interact live with your followers. Play a variety of games on your account to establish your reputation on the Rooter app platform. You can invite your loved ones to watch your live stream by sending them your live link.

To win real money, try to attract more viewers to your stream. Receive several incentives while your account is live. Therefore, if you are a good gamer, you should test the rooter app platform.

Stream in High Definition:

Because high quality results in internet streaming increase enjoyment, the rooter software also provides you with this incredible feature. Due to the Rooter APK’s lack of low quality streaming, you can also broadcast in high definition.

If you want to broadcast live and get incredibly high quality, make sure your mobile device is connected to a strong Wi-Fi or data network. Because the rooter application is bug-free, you will never experience lag or glitches while streaming live.

Multiple Videos to Watch:

The Rooter APK Premium Download software not only lets you watch games, but it also has a vast array of other films that you can view. There are a lot of videos relating to games that you may view, and since they are all totally free, you won’t ever run into any problems.

The rooter app features a function where you can upload your own videos through your account if you also want to share your own gaming footage with other people. Watch videos for game tips and strategies. You can view videos to get different rewards thanks to a watch and win feature.

Redeem Coins:

You will earn several coins when live-streaming on the Rooter app, and you can use them to purchase a variety of items. After exchanging your coins, you will have a variety of options, including the ability to unlock any of your favorite characters or purchase new skins for your player.

You can also use these coins to buy real money if you don’t want the incentives. Therefore, attempt to collect more coins that you may later redeem if you want to receive these thrilling benefits and money.

Unlimited Coins:

The standard version of the Rooter APK Unlimited Money makes it incredibly difficult to acquire coins, but the mod version has something enormous in store for you so you don’t have to worry about coins there. You will receive an infinite number of coins with the rooter app’s modified version, so you won’t need to work for them. In the rooter app, you may use these coins to get a variety of rewards.

Free to Download:

You can download this game for nothing at all. This program has been downloaded and used by millions of users already. They truly enjoy playing it and have given it fantastic feedback. By clicking the download option on this page, you may also obtain it for free right now.

Ads Free Version:

If you want the great rooter software without advertisements, download the mod version. The standard version of the rooter app has adverts. You won’t ever see any advertising in this customized version because it is an ad-free version. Which implies there won’t be any pauses with this version, making it simple to view online. So download this rooter version and enjoy ad-free streaming.

Squad Play:

With Rooter APK Free Purchase, you can watch players while supporting your team via a live stream. When playing sports games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Free Fire, and others, this is ideal.

Work as a team today to win by playing a terrific game. This program enables you to have effects because doing effects with your team makes them even more beautiful.

Audio Rooms:

Games with high stakes include Fortinet, PUBG, FREE FIRE, and BGMI. Now that Rooter has audio rooms available, you can communicate with your colleagues while playing the game and have a terrific live gaming and live streaming experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Applicant safety and security.
  • Setting up and using the application is simple.
  • There are no outside advertising.
  • Free to use and draw.


  • Not made against them.
  • Google makes no promises.


Is it free to use the Rooter APK?
Users won’t have to pay to use the app on their phones or other devices because it is free.

Is it okay to download Rooter APK’s from the web?
Yes, although being free to use, the app is secure and compliant with the law. It has a lot of positive qualities.

How can I acquire Rooter APK’s limitless free coins?
You must download the mod version of the rooter application in order to receive limitless free coins, as the mod version gives you unlimited coins.

Is it safe to download the Rooter APK mod version?
Yes! The modified version of the rooter programmer is free of problems. Since there are no dangers or faults in this version, you can download it with confidence knowing that your personal information is secure.

Is there money in the Rooter APK?
Yes, the Rooter APK provides you with all the money you require. By watching and playing games, you can make money.

What is the Rooter APK’s most recent version?
The Rooter APK is currently at version (Unlimited coins).

Is it free to get the Rooter APK?
Yes, you may get the Rooter APK for free. It is available for free one-click download from our website.


For streaming live video games and esports, Rooter APK is a fantastic platform. This app has a large community of broadcasters who offer their games live on the rooter app platform. This program includes a ton of fantastic features that are a ton of fun and enable you to earn money and awesome rewards. This app is a must-try because it offers multiple prizes to millions of users.

Did you know that the Google Play Store is not compatible with tablets and smartphones? If you don’t have an Android tablet or phone to utilize this Rooter APK Latest Pro Version 2022, don’t worry we have the best and safest workaround. Download the most recent version of our website.

Download this software from our website if you have good gaming skills or if you want alternative incentives. Use the rooter app platform to stream live for entertainment. Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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