Game of Sultans Mod APK

Game of Sultans Mod APK v4.0.01 (Unlimited Diamonds/Money/Gems)

Game of Sultans Mod APK is a full RPG game. Where do you get a chance to be a real sultan. The story of Game of Sultan is about capturing the king from your enemies.

Look at all the areas in your area and don’t take off the sultan’s hat. Game of Sultans Mod APK All Unlocked is a very satisfying game. Where you have to build castles for your team to take out enemies.

Like most of the arena, you will gain a lot of power from your enemies that will eventually increase the number of your troops.

Commanding the troops at the right time and order will have a profound effect on the outcome of the game in the end. This game is part of the life of a real sultan. Where do you find the life of a real sultan.

The king’s job is to control and lead his kingdom to success. It’s usually a big responsibility but has many advantages. On the one hand, you can meet a variety of people, including couples! In the Sultan game you can rule as a sultan. Here you will make local career decisions, connect with other countries and meet beautiful women.

Conquering the world is your main goal, but you have to do a lot more before that can happen. First, you need to monitor all developments in your country and facilitate external negotiations. In this game you can meet many beautiful girls with a date. Then, you can create heirs and prepare them for the future kingdom. Lots of great costumes, commanding characters and battles in Base Hunts!

Game of Sultans is a free game for iOS and Android phones. The game launched in early July 2016, and has been very popular ever since. This game is produced by EYA Interactive, a company owned only by Lords Mobile. The Sultan game is founded by the world of Sultans, and players can play as Sultan. They can build their own cities, become friends or hate other players and attack them if they want. To get better at this game, players can use GOS furnace Cheats.

GOS Hack Cheats is a tool that allows you to get unlimited gold, food and stones in seconds with no effort at all. The work is done by a software developer who has done similar work before, so you can be sure there are no problems using it.

Additional Information:

Name Game of Sultans Mod APK
Last version v4.0.01
Updated 18 February 2022
Developed by Mechanist Internet Technology
Released on 26 Jul 2018
Download size 434 MB
Total downloads 10M+
Category Games
Get it on Play Store

Game of Sultans Mod APK

How to Download Game of Sultans Mod APK?

If you are new and don’t know how to download Game of Sultans Premium Mod APK New Version Download. If you need help, follow this:

  • How to download Game of Sultans Mod APK is very simple.
  • Just click the Download link to start your download.
  • Even different sources claim to provide the same APK file.
  • But real android readers can trust our site.
  • Because we do not provide a URL to access the APK file.
  • Make sure the program is free of malware.
  • To download, follow the instructions below to secure and use this app.

How to Install Game of Sultans Mod APK?

If you have already installed Game of Sultans Premium Mod APK New Version Download and other apps on you will find below the instructions:

  • You can download it by clicking the Download button at the end of this article. Then wait a few seconds before downloading the Game of Sultans Mod APK file
  • To install an application anywhere, you must allow the installation on other devices.
  • Installing “Unknown Sources”: Go to Menu> Settings> Security> Find an unknown location on your phone to install apps on something other than the Google Play Store.
  • Once the above steps are completed you can go to the “Download” folder in the file manager and click on Download Mod file.
  • After installation, the application experience can be safely unlocked.

Congratulations, you have now installed Game of Sultans Mod APK on your Android device so you can download the App and enjoy using it. This Mod has amazing features and just download the Mod by completing the steps above and enjoy.

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Features of Game of Sultans Mod APK:

Become a Sultan:

This game will help you live the life of a real sultan. You can live the life of the sultan by joining your army and life in the palace.

In addition, the quality of life of the sultan makes you a fan of this game. So it keeps you playing over and over again.

Manage a Kingdom:

It is not easy to be the leader of a large country. These include decision-making skills, leadership skills and management skills. Despite the opposition, you must represent your state. In Game of Sultans Mod APK Free Purchase you will take the Ottoman Empire as its sultan! This means you have to monitor everything that happens locally and build relationships with other countries.

In addition, you have to fight in PVP battles to prove your strength! Also, keep fighting and increase your followers by conquering famous countries. Here you have to increase your wealth, grain and sourdough. You should always think about your country in the game! Try to conquer other lands and protect yours from all destruction.

Handle Local And International Affairs:

As a leader, you will find many responsibilities that require your attention. There is a lot of research inside and outside your country to be done. In addition, you can increase your Vizier followers and increase their number! They have different responsibilities so you should try to raise their standards and develop more talent. They will all help you in your goal of conquering the world!

Meet Potential Lovers:

As a leader, you need to think about future successors and kingdoms. For this reason, you should consider meeting your potential teammates in the game like Felicia, Halima and others. Choose the perfect lover to bring your child! This game allows you to have relationships and grow your love with many of them. Finally, you will marry one!

Raise Heirs:

If you want to keep your blood flowing, you need kids in the game. You must raise them to be heirs to the throne. Prepare for their future and prepare them for the future of the state.

Expand Your Wardrobe:

Your room contains shields, swords and other weapons. You can expand your collection to make it stronger. This will make you safer and better for your enemies. Make sure you use it at the right time to avoid accidents.

Marriage And Family Life:

This game is full of eternal love. You can move the kingdom and find beautiful women. Marry a unique and famous woman. Enjoy family life and raise your children from birth to adulthood. Also, you can organize a beautiful wedding for the heirs.

Beautiful 3D Graphics:

The game has amazing 3D graphics, which attracts the user. Each of these games will look natural and attractive. In addition, the good intuitive Game interface keeps the user longer. It gives you eye candy. In addition, Game of Sultans Latest Pro Version Mod APK has amazing 3D graphics for good music.

Unlimited Everything:

The content of the game is gold and diamonds, which you earn by performing certain missions. Mod APK gives you unlimited coins and diamonds to buy whatever you want. In addition, the Game of Sultans Mod APK Unlimited Coins provides endless support to strengthen your kingdom.

Unlocked Characters And Outfits:

In Game of Sultans Mod APK Unlimited Money, everything is locked, and you can get items without spending any money. Otherwise, you will have to spend money to solve various things. You can find unwritten characters, costumes and many more in the Mod APK. It can also help you strengthen and build your army.

Background Of The Game:

With the original idea intended to come from the creator, he wanted to create a play on the royal stage. And to fulfill that desire, it would be a good idea to restore the king’s life. After studying for a while, the game also chose to follow the life of Suleiman, the 10th Magnificent emperor and ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Without choosing a king in the opinion of the makers, it is not easy to change that lifestyle. Builders were also required to make a number of paintings, especially for royal subjects, such as women and concubines, as well as for princes entitled to inherit. So now, if you start the game, you can enjoy the life of the king.

Challenges For A King:

In addition to promoting a better life, relatives, and everything the emperor knew, the most important thing was constant work to take care of the country. And they are part of the core elements of the game. The best solution is to break down your fears or problems into a series of smaller steps.

A job you can enjoy if you become the king of Europe and the Middle East defending your territory and conquering small countries. In addition, you can fully connect with other powerful countries to better manage your territory. But you should also consider some of the challenges from members of your blocked household!

Graphics With The Royal Theme:

With the challenges and games you face, photos are the most important thing before you can give them to the player. Because a game with good graphics must have a good relationship with the players participating in the action, for good presentation, the idea that the producer wants will quickly come to your hands.

As a result, the game searches for and creates the best image engines with unparalleled capabilities. The game uses the most advanced image transfer technology to create high quality images that will achieve the best quality. And then the player can feel the most convincing, the clearest that the game will show in your game.

Mod Features of Game of Sultans Mod APK:

  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Free Downloads.
  • Safe.
  • Updates only
  • Easy to organize
  • No root required

What’s in the Update?

As mentioned earlier, the game was done with great care. There is no need to change and change the game mode but in order to keep up with the changed game, there are game changes with amazing new features.

  • All bugs fixed.
  • Unlimited Gold.
  • Extra clothing.


Game of Sultans Mod APK is a new Multiplayer RPG game where you will gather and mobilize your army to fight against other online players. Build your city, choose the best hero in each battle, and improve your defense on how to win trophies and challenge other players. Gather with your friends to fight powerful bosses, or start your own mission to ensure the protection of your kingdom. Millions of users have tried this app.

Game of Sultans Mod APK Latest Pro Version 2022 is about gathering your army to face your enemies so that you can play a bigger role in the game. Build your house and place your army there to defeat your enemies.

Game of Sultan is a beautiful 3D game well designed to keep the user’s interest alive. In short, it is an addictive game for those who like to play real RPG games on mobile devices.

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