Carrom Disc Pool APK

Carrom Disc Pool APK v6.4.5 (Easy Win, More Money/Coin/Gems)

People play the multi-player home game known as Carrom Disc Pool APK in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and many more nations. This one has the traditional mode and disk pool mode as its two game types. Online gaming lets you interact with friends from around the globe.

Put all of the discs into the hole to win this game. The team with the most points wins. You receive new features in this game including unlocked cars, unlocked freight, unlocked cargo, and free hockey.

Minikilt, created by Carrom Pool, is accessible both online and off. This game will make you feel as though you are physically playing it. People are addicted to this game since it has appealing aesthetics.

The object of the carom billiards game Carrom Disc Pool APK All Unlocked is to pocket balls by tossing them towards an opponent’s end. It varies from traditional pool in that there is no cueing system and only one ball every turn; instead, when playing 11-point matches, players attempt their best to prevent other players from scoring points on their side (1 point each). Every rule may be changed depending on the kind of competition you want – whether it’s team vs. individual or player vs. player – the outcomes will vary depending on the parameters!

Carrom Disc Pool APK
Carrom Disc Pool APK

What is Carrom Disc Pool APK?

There are tight restrictions, tons of diamonds, gold, money, and limitless pucks in the Carrom Disc Pool APK. Simply click the download link for the carrom pool hack below and have fun with these words! Circle The fantastic board game Carrom Pool was created by Minikilt and is sold on the Android retail market.

Carrom Disc Pool APK is an enjoyable house game that is played in various nations, including Nepal, South Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. This online game is comparable to one with plenty of points.

A couple of the mods in this persistent multiplayer game’s 8-mod engine are very intriguing. Players can communicate successfully when there is continuous, science-based leadership.

Two beautiful baths and a vintage swimming pool are available at the Carrom Pool. Friends from all over the world and social media friends can play this entertaining multiplayer game. With fantastic visuals, infinite commands, unlocked objects, automobiles, boundless cash, batteries, and much more, the Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK Unlimited Credits is a superb game. Pucks. Don’t bring up diving again.

Players can quickly discover the application on the Internet, where there are numerous windows available. This tool may be found in the app’s gaming section. To discover more about the maker, go to the Minikilt website. For Android devices that support more than fifteen APIs, there is a Carrom pool hack.

The video game is made to be played. The objective of the game is to teach the science behind a pool table. With a fun stick, conventional image deletion can be tested. Players can use it to play instructional games to do this. The hurricane engine must then be converted into a solid drive as the last phase. Numerous documents about the connection between Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK Unlimited Coins have been discovered.

Additional Information:

Name Carrom Disc Pool APK
22 June 2022
Current Version
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Category Game
Get it on  Google Play

Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK

How to Download Carrom Disc Pool APK?

If you are new and you can find instruction for downloading Carrom Disc Pool Premium APK New Latest Version and other apps on below:

  • Downloading Carrom Disc Pool APK is simple.
  • To begin your download, simply click the Download link.
  • Although the fact that several sources assert to offer the same APK file.
  • True Android readers, however, will choose our website.
  • because we don’t offer a download link for the APK file.
  • Verify that the software is virus-free.
  • To secure and utilize the app after downloading, go to the instructions below.

How to Install Carrom Disc Pool APK?

If you are new and you can find instruction for installing Carrom Disc Pool Premium APK New Latest Version Download and other apps on below:

  • By using the download option located at the conclusion of this post, you can get it. Afterward, hold out for a short while before downloading the Carrom Disc Pool APK file.
  • You need to utilize a different device in order to install any software.
  • When using “unknown” Android phones: To download files from the Google Store, go to your phone’s menu > Settings > Access unfamiliar locations.
  • You can download the file by going to the “download” folder after you’ve finished the aforementioned procedures.
  • It is possible to add software after installation.

Congratulations, You have successfully installed the Carrom Disc Pool APK on your Android smartphone. To complete the following and enjoy, simply download the App from the link provided in the APK post.

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Features of Carrom Disc Pool APK:

  • The game is fun
  • Play online with friends
  • You can also play online.
  • There are two different ways: regular and swimming
  • Customized and in-depth.
  • Open multiplayer games and hockey sticks.
  • Get a free gift box and a good luck prize.
  • Upgrade your car and show anger.
  • Compete with top players.
  • Take the challenge with free gold guns every day and win great prizes.
  • There is no end to stones and money.

Feature Explained:

Multiplayer Game:

Playing games with friends and family is just enjoyable. You can play this game with your pals using carrom pool. Like of right now, 4 players can play this game as a true carrom game. To compete with your pals and earn more money, click on them.


Playing games with pals when they aren’t there is a lot of fun. You can play this game online with Carrom Pool. Since you can play actual carrom with friends when you’re both in the same room, this game performs better than real carrom. As a result, you can play live in many cities and nations using this online carrom pool game.


You become frustrated when your buddies choose not to participate. You can play this game on your computer, so don’t worry. This game will be played by the computer as an actual person.

Buy Item From Shops:

The Purchase area is located in the upper right corner of the game when it is opened. Items like Gems, Master Chest, Supreme Chest, Pro Chest, and many more can be found here. However, you must spend tens of thousands of dollars to obtain all of this. But hold on! To fix all of these files, use the mod version.

Ads Removed:

For enthusiasts of automobiles, the good news is that we recently eliminated all of the applications from this game. Currently, you may enjoy without advertising. You don’t need to be concerned about social media anymore.

Unlocked All Chest:

You receive all open chest openings with our modified version.

  • Bronze chest from Paris Stage
  • Exceptional Chest Pro Chest
  • Bronze chest for the Delhi Lounge Master Chest

Playing with Friends:

The game allows the player to invite his Facebook friends to play this amazing game with them. Users who want to play the board game of carrom with their friends can log in using their Facebook profiles and link their accounts to the game.

Buy Different Items for Free:

You will receive an infinite amount of coins and money in-game if you play the mod version of the game. The in-game store allows you to purchase anything, including new strikers. Your strikers can be upgraded without any issues. Gain access to several chests in the game to additional strikers and other free goods. This version completely disables all advertisements. Due to the fact that this mod gives you unlimited access to everything, you do not need to spend any real money on this game.

Awesome UI:

This game’s user interface is fantastic and simple. It is well suited for low-end devices and loads more quickly on Android handsets. This game is quite basic and easy to control. Simply keep your strikes under control and aim to pot discs into holes. Excellent gameplay experience and really responsive user interface. One of the best carrom board games for mobile devices is this one.

Unlimited Gems:

In this game, gems are a really wise investment. Because if you have enough stones, you can unlock the majority of shapes. But how do you find gems in a Carom pool is the real puzzle. As a result, you keep getting additional games as time goes on. You’ll lose some priceless stones if you lose the game.

Wait, what? What caused you to lose the game? The countless coins and stones are now given their chance here. Therefore, use this adjustment to win the game as a whole.

Game Modes:

Play Carrom:

Although there are a few differences, Play Carrom and Play Disc Pool are nearly identical. There are thirteen teams on the board instead of twelve. Red meat needs to be had prior to the last one, it’s crucial to keep in mind. If not, our enemies will do it and will be able to outperform you.

Play Disc Pool:

It features numerous well-known locations, like Delhi, Paris, London, Dubai, New York, Mumbai, and others. Before the game begins, each player in this game makes less money. The winner ultimately wins all of the money from the players.

Exercise Mode:

As the name suggests, you can play this game utilizing this system for free. Since it’s only a practice game, you won’t be concerned about losing money.

Requirements For Carrom Disc Pool APK:

You don’t require any particular information from your phone to play Carrom Pool. It fits any phone and is compact in size. This game can be played on a phone with 512 MB of RAM. Users of this game therefore require Android 4.1 or later.


What is a carrom disc pool?
Any shot in which the cue ball or object ball ricochets into another ball to move or pocket that ball is known as a carom. When pockets are obstructed or when you can only see a portion of your object ball and need to pocket another ball using the cue ball, these shots come in handy.

How is carrom disc pool played?
In the carem board game’s pool disk mode, you want to pot all of your pucks before your opponent does. whomever pots all of their pucks first Wins. 2. Carrom mode: To win this version of the board game Carames, you must pot Red Queen before your opponent does with all of their pucks.

How can I get rid of Carrom disc pool?
Conditions for permanently deleting your Carrom Pool account
Game title.
“User Id.”
Address for email.
your state and county.
approximate date when the account was first created.
the justification for your account deletion request.
The in-game profile as seen on a screenshot.
Attach your most recent purchase receipt if you have made purchases.

Carrom Pool King: who is he?
Meet Haji Ali Agariya, the king of carrom. Your spell will be broken by his adventures.

What are the carrom rules?
There are one or more strikes during a turn. The first person to collect every piece of their selected color wins. But neither player can succeed until the other has “covered the Queen.” A player must instantly pocket one of her own pieces after pocketing the Queen in order to cover the Queen.

The ideal finger for carrom is?
Your hand’s middle finger is pointing perpendicular to the board. When the carrom men are around the striker and there is no room around your baseline, this manner of striking is appropriate.

How can I change my name in Carrom?
A new blue icon with a pencil will appear next to your name when you open your profile page.
Your new name must have a least of 2 characters and a maximum of 16, as you can see from this new window.

Are we able to retaliate in carrom?
You are permitted to strike directly backwards in accordance with ICF (International Carrom Federation) regulations. As you strike the coins behind the baseline with your thumb, this practice is referred to as thumbing. Watch any matches from a global event on YouTube. The thumbing of players will be obvious.

How many different kinds of carrom games exist?
Despite carrom’s widespread appeal, many of you might not be familiar with its many variants. It’s interesting to note that our favorite board game from childhood has six fun carrom game variations.


If you enjoy eating carrots but lack people with whom to play this body game, you should consider playing this game online with your friends. Once you’ve played it, you’ll receive it and be given the opportunity to play it again.

I sincerely hope you appreciate this game and the information provided about it. Please consider telling your friends about it on social media. Please click below if you experience any problems downloading this Carrom Disc Pool APK. Your issue will be resolved as soon as we can.

For downloading and playing again, advanced information about Carrom Pool APK Latest Version 2022 is extremely helpful. I’m hoping this may aid in your safe travels. You may easily place the game on the majority of web platforms.

Customers can start downloading by using the aforementioned method and downloading the Carrom Pool APK Premium Download, which provides infinite money, pearls, money, and naked faces. Players can enjoy every aspect of the game, and the award ceremony is a significant component.

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